This is a tumblr dedicated to History Channel's first original series, Vikings.

“Season two brings crises of faith, of power, of relationships. Brothers rise up against one another. Loyalties shift from friend to foe, and unlikely alliances are formed in the name of supremacy.”

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Vikings re-watch | 1x08 | Sacrifice

Vikings re-watch | 1x08 | Sacrifice

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What if there is no sun?

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I would never insult you. You’re too great a warrior. But perhaps not so great a man.

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Vikings re-watch | 1x06 | Burial of the Dead

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My God is Odin, the Allfather. Only I don’t believe you

(Floki/Athelstan requested by Beadelia)

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Fangirl Challenge ♔ [4/5] tv shows | Vikings

Who needs a reason for betrayal?

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [5/∞] favorite male characters:→ Ragnar Lothbrok

Alexander Ludwig via Instagram: “Hopefully everyone can donate if they can. Important cause. I nominate Mark Wahlberg, Erik Bana, Dwayne Johnson, and Peter Berg!”

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the bossy pants’ meme: [10/10] otps

↳ Lagertha + Being A Strong Adorable Sassy Badass Woman King